Accessing Historical Data

To retrieve historical data, head to the 'Data Feed' tab and look for the 'Pull Historic Data' button in the upper right corner.

Historical Pull Button

You can choose data for a specific month or a range of months.

After selecting, you'll see the total volume of transactions and the cost for that specific time frame. For a breakdown of how we charge for historical data, please refer to our detailed pricing page.

Currently, our system doesn't support selecting data for individual days in the past. However, we can manually assist you with this if you contact us.

Please note:

  • You won't be charged for data that's already been synced. For instance, if you signed up in October and request data for October, there's no additional charge.
  • You can't request data for the same month more than once. If you need to re-import data, contact us for assistance.
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